JQL progress bar

Measure your progress on issues defined by JQL with the custom field JQL progress bar. This custom field is perfect for project managers and team leads who overlook issue progress. Instead of going into issue details, progress is shown as a filled-in line which updates in real time when completing issues that match the JQL filter

Create and configure the custom field

To create and configure the JQL progress bar custom field, you must be logged in as a user with Jira Administrator permissions.

  1. Go to AppsManage your appsFields - Custom Field Types

  2. Click on Create custom field button on the right side of the screen.

  3. Select JQL progress bar and click Next.

  4. Name and add a description to your field then click Next.

  5. Select a color and click Next.

  6. Associate the field to the appropriate screens and click Create. You must associate a field to a screen before it will be displayed.

That’s it! You can now navigate to your issue and enhance it with JQL progress bar