Fields - Custom Field Types is Cloud Fortified → Cloud fortified by Atlassian is a cloud security program designed to protect and secure customer data within Atlassian products. The program includes tools, processes, and best practices to ensure that customer data is secure and compliant with various industry standards. This includes data encryption, access management, secure network access, and more. The program is designed to help companies comply with global data security regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA.

We used the Forge framework → Forge, an open-source framework developed by Atlassian that allows developers to quickly and easily create serverless functions and applications using a variety of languages and frameworks, including Java, Node.js, and React. It enables developers to deploy and manage their applications to the cloud quickly and use a wide range of tools for monitoring and managing their applications. Atlassian hosts all forge apps, so we don’t host the application you want to use.

We use Firebase Analytics by Google → Firebase Analytics, a service that helps you understand how your users interact with your app. It provides insights into user behavior, such as user acquisition, engagement, and retention. Firebase Analytics also allows you to track key metrics such as screen views, event tracking, user properties, and more. With Firebase, we don’t receive and store customer-related data such as email, name, etc.