How to use

Please follow these steps to insert a Dropdown macro on a Confluence page:

  1. Navigate to the Confluence page you wish to edit or create a new page.

  2. Once in edit mode, either click the plus icon in the navigation bar (insert elements) or press '/' on your keyboard to bring up the macro list.

  3. Type "Optics" in the search bar, then choose the Dropdown macro from the options displayed.

When the configuration dialog opens, it guides you through customizing your dropdown, with a live preview showing changes in real-time. Once you're satisfied, click Save to add the button to your Confluence page. If you decide not to proceed, clicking Cancel will cancel the setup without inserting the macro.

abs alignment

Select dropdown alignment. By default, tabs are left aligned.

Create dropdown options

Use dropdown to create dropdown options. To change the icon and text, use inline editing option.


Click on icon and choose from more than 5000 icons available and attract even more attention. To change the icon position or remove label, use the “Icon” dropdown in the macro configuration.


Most of the native Confluence macros are available within the tabs editor.

Due to Atlassian limitations, it is not possible to insert and show third party macros within tabs.

Supported macros:

  • Text formatting

  • Content alignment

  • Bullets and numbering

  • Links

  • Images

  • Code snippet

  • Info panel

  • Date

  • Quote

  • Status

  • Table

Import Confluence pages

Use the option to add and edit whole Confluence pages within the tabs macro.