Format Fields

Format Fields is a custom field with multiple field types in it. It allows the user to type in certain text or numbers and the field will do the formatting based on the configuration.

Colored labels is only available as a custom field type. It is not possible to define general values or any other settings options in the app configuration screen.


Available field types are:

  • MAC address

  • IP address

  • Phone number

  • Date

  • Email

  • FQDN(Fully Qualified Domain Name)

Create and configure the custom field

To create and configure the Format Fields custom field, you must be logged in as a user with Jira Administrator permissions.

  1. Go to AppsManage your appsFields - Custom Field Types

  2. Click on Create custom field button on the right side of the screen.

  3. Select Format Fields and click Next.

  4. Name and add a description to your field then click Next.

  5. Select field type

  6. Select additonal settings

  7. Associate the field to the appropriate screens and click Create. You must associate a field to a screen before it will be displayed.

That’s it! You can now navigate to your issue and enhance it with Format Fields


MAC address

The MAC address type is available in both colons and lines layout



IP Address

The IP address type is available in both IPv4 and IPv6 layout:


Phone number

The phone number type is available in two different formats:




You can also opt to show or hide the area code. The country code is displayed by default in the field editor.

Phone calls can be made directly from Jira. Once the phone number is clicked on inside the issue the following pop up will appear:




The date type has multiple different formats in it:



The email has multiple different formats available:

By clicking on the field in an issue user can send mails directly from Jira:



Fully qualified domain name is a custom field which allows you to add an ULR to your custom field.

Clicking on the field in issue view will directly open the URL.