Image Slider

An image slider is a set of rotating images, or banners, displayed on the Confluence page. It will optimize the screen space by displaying only a subset of images from a collection of images in a cyclic view.

How to use

Please follow these steps to insert an Image Slider macro on a Confluence page:

  1. Navigate to the Confluence page you wish to edit or create a new page.

  2. Once in edit mode, either click the plus icon in the navigation bar (insert elements) or press '/' on your keyboard to bring up the macro list.

  3. Type "Optics" in the search bar, then choose the Image Slider macro from the options displayed.

When the configuration dialog opens, it guides you through customizing your image slider, with a live preview showing changes in real-time. Once you're satisfied, click Save to add the button to your Confluence page. If you decide not to proceed, clicking Cancel will cancel the setup without inserting the macro.

Image dialogue

Upload images from different sources: Unsplash, Library, Direct link and Confluence attachments.


Decide how the upload images will fit the image carousel. You can select fit and autocrop.

Advanced options

Enable or disable bullets, arrows, thumbnails, auto-play, and rounding corners.


Add a countdown title with a click on the Countdown Title. The character limit is 40.


The Announcements macro will receive updates to improve performance and user experience. We will introduce the following features soon:

  • Slider effect

  • Attachment description options

  • More styles for image gallery

If you have any questions, need more detailed information, or want to share feature suggestions, please feel free to contact us.